The story of our chef

Pau Pérez

Restaurante en Les Corts
Pau Pérez remembers his passion for cooking from a very young age.  He always wanted to smell the aromas in his grandmother’s kitchen and play with his mother to guess the ingredients of her best recipes.

Over the years, his passion for Ferran Adrià grew, passing through great restaurants such as Hofmann, Moments ** (Mandarin Oriental), Coure, Xerta*, etc. among other renowned restaurants. Until he finally opened his own restaurant in Les Corts.

Once upon a time there was a very restless child who loved to eat and invent.
He had the good fortune to travel with his family to many beautiful places and to be able to explore the different aromas of the world.

He began to play with the little box of aromas, they were very diverse;
Floral, fruity, sweet, citrus, oriental… which you could only identify their aroma by smelling and investigating.

She developed her sense of smell and as if it were a game, it became a challenge and she reached such a point …. that she could rejoice and shout in the street about the delicious homemade food she was eating that day!
On many occasions he was able to identify what his grandmother had made from the 4th floor.

The happiness that child felt when eating and smelling was directly proportional to the curiosity in the mixture of elements, textures and aromas.
One of his favourite dishes was “Veal escalope stuffed with ham and cheese with homemade tomato sofrito” it was simple and technical at the same time, the smell and acidity of the tomato made you salivate and prepared you for the excellent crunchiness of the batter that had just been made, and then its tender, tasty and unctuous filling invaded your palate. It was an explosion of textures that made that little boy’s mind fly with the why and the how, and he just wished the dish would never end.

He liked to try all the typical and sweet dishes wherever he went; foiegrass, crepes suzette, steak tartar, raclette, floating island, … and an innumerable number of recipes that broadened his range of recipes and memories.

That boy grew up and one fine day, at the age of 18, he got his hands on the first videos of Ferran Adrià, watching that cuisine he discovered something different, it was creative and could be mixed outside the traditional. He then had the brilliant idea of enrolling to learn and train in a haute cuisine and patisserie school, first learning the basics (bases, sauces, preparations…) and then continuing to consolidate his learning in different professional kitchens and honing his skills in high-level restaurants, some of them with the michelin star distinction.

Today, in his restaurant in Les Corts, he has managed to create unique and exquisite dishes such as the veal mellow cooked for 48 hours in the Roner with vegetables and broth from the veal itself; or the incredible creamy rice with mushrooms and duck ham.

We marvel at its weekly seasonal menu and its special menus personalised for each customer.