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haute cuisine
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What is haute cuisine?

Nowadays, the term haute cuisine is becoming more and more familiar to us. Many do not really know what haute cuisine means and what place it has in our environment, but this term originated in Paris after the French Revolution. It was then that this type of service began to be offered in hotels and…


We have been featured in several newspapers and here are all the clippings.


This time Pau Pérez surprises us on the successful television programme BEN TROBATS with two delicious seasonal proposals:

1. Artichoke heart confit and stuffed with mushroom béchamel, chestnut mushrooms, salted foie gras and Indonesian java pepper.

2. Low temperature white asparagus, asparagus emulsion, ham and duck wrists, hazelnuts and Timut pepper from Nepal.

Cocina de autor
Aflamas Restaurant

What is signature cuisine?

Signature cuisine is about expressing one’s own style, through a proposal and a personal stamp. It is based on the experience, the experiences and the history of the chef.The signature dishes created by these haute cuisine chefs are the result of a series of techniques, products and utensils that give a personal and creative touch.The…