What is signature cuisine?

Signature cuisine is about expressing one’s own style, through a proposal and a personal stamp. It is based on the experience, the experiences and the history of the chef.
The signature dishes created by these haute cuisine chefs are the result of a series of techniques, products and utensils that give a personal and creative touch.
The staging of the dishes, in signature cuisine, also plays an important role in this concept. The set-up presented to diners seeks this innovative character with the aim of making the dishes a unique product.   

What is Aflamas Restaurant and what is its main objective?
Aflamas is a restaurant in Les Corts that wants to improve the world through gastronomy. Doing what makes us happy and what we know how to do, creating a unique experience for the diner. A truly welcoming, peaceful and exciting atmosphere.

We offer an excellent, personalised, dynamic and attentive service. We have private rooms for more intimacy, because it is not just food, behind each dish there is an elaboration and a little story.

Designing, thinking and working on dishes with passion and emotion, until you feel the goose bumps and transmitting them to the diner with the aim of making them enjoy and feel the maximum pleasure.

Eating is one of the most enriching and sensual acts we perform every day and can undoubtedly improve our emotions, offering us a feeling of well-being, relaxation and pleasure.

A signature dish

One of our most delicious dishes from our signature cuisine: “Resting beef steak tartar, one of our favourite dishes. Hand-chopped, seasoned with fresh shallots, oriental wasabi and yuzu citrus soy sauce, free-range egg yolk and a fine crusty semolina bread.”

Bon Apetit

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