What is haute cuisine?

Nowadays, the term haute cuisine is becoming more and more familiar to us. Many do not really know what haute cuisine means and what place it has in our environment, but this term originated in Paris after the French Revolution. It was then that this type of service began to be offered in hotels and restaurants, with the aim of modernizing the cuisine of the time and providing greater refinement to its guests.

In those days, the quality of the ingredients and the modernity of its elaborations were the main characteristics of haute cuisine or haute cuisine in French. Today it continues to be a modern cuisine where extreme quality is sought both in its ingredients and in its preparations.

Characteristics of Haute Cuisine

This type of cuisine is known for being a cuisine of excellence and absolute perfection, both in its execution and in the ingredients with which it works. The main characteristics are:

  • Products of extreme quality: the quality of the ingredients is the main value at the time of making this cuisine. For this reason, a special value is given to the ingredients of proximity, since their proximity to the logistics means that they conserve all their nutritional properties and especially their intensity of flavor. 
  • Modern and careful presentation: the presentation is the first impression that a diner will have when he sees a dish. In this case, that goes beyond the fact that it goes through the eyes. The aim is to impress the diner and make him bring authentic works of art to the table. The objective is a minimalist presentation, careful and with an artistic touch.
  • Complexity in its elaborations: this type of cuisine is time-consuming and complex, it is not something that is characterized by its simplicity. In many occasions the kitchen of a haute cuisine restaurant can seem more like a laboratory than the kitchen of a restaurant, because of the instruments they use to give life to their elaborations.
  • Chefs: to elaborate dishes of this type requires a lot of dedication, years of study and practice. For this reason, cooks have a professional category.

Techniques of this type of cuisine

The genius of these magical Xefs will never cease to amaze, from food critics to any diner. It is the magic of those who make this type of cuisine, who build creative recipes that impress even the most foodie.

The techniques of this type of cooking are those that transform the idea of these geniuses of gastronomy into an enlightening dish. We present some of the main techniques:

  • The scumes: they bring freshness and lightness to any dish. The Xefs use them normally in dishes to create a contrast of flavors and textures.
  • The low temperature: this type of cooking provides a perfect cooking point, where the raw material is at its best cooked version. For this reason, it is important the temperature and a good cooking without pressure.
  • Sterilizations: a classic of the molecular cuisine could not be missing. The products are turned into fresh spheres that explode in the mouth. An experience that is not easy to forget.

Aflamas Restaurant

After informing you about the key elements of this type of cuisine, we can only recommend you to have a gastronomic experience in a restaurant like this. This way, you will be able to taste and make real all that we have told you.

A restaurant of this type has different menus, in addition to a varied menu. If you feel like tasting dishes prepared in a restaurant where the quality of the raw materials and the excellence in cooking prevail, we invite you to our Restaurant Aflamas.

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